About Us

Our History

Started as a small blog in 2014, now TecoReviews serves as the source of independent news on latest IT trends, gadgets, games, and software reviews. Its headquarters are located in Canada. Besides Canadian and American audience, the project also prioritizes IT news which is relevant for all regions worldwide.

It all started when its founder, Linas Kiguolis, observing the world of computer viruses, realized that the virtual community lacked crucial knowledge about malware operation peculiarities and prevention techniques.

However, lack of knowledge is only limited to malicious threats. After acquiring new smartphones, users do not exploit all potential of the devices. There are also gamers who are looking for a short but informative game review before purchasing it.

Consequently, merging his willingness to aid the virtual community and the knowledge acquired from other projects, such as 2-spyware.com (where he happens to be one of the main contributors as well) gave birth to a brilliant idea – the time had come to launch his own website.

Finally, only one formality was left – what about the title? Since the vision of this project is to educate the virtual community and translate elaborate IT language full of codes and numbers into the language easily understandable to everyone, he came up with “Technology Reviews”, in short, “Teco Reviews.”

Who we are and what are we looking for?

Hard work gives results, but when it is combined with cooperation, the achievements might be outstanding. Thus, TecoReviews is open to contributions. Your ideas, suggestions, and comments are always welcome.

At the moment, visitors can see the areas and framework TecoReviews aims to expand in. Since the project attempts to be of use to everyone: whether you are an IT specialist looking for brief daily news, or a puzzled user looking for a solution to turn off automatic Windows updates, you may notice the key points of TecoReviews:

  • News (security, tech)
  • Computing (separate sections focusing on Windows, Mac and Linux OS),
  • Reviews (covering software and games), Mobile (Android and iOs users will find it practical)
  • Gaming Section (check opinions before you buy the game!)
  • “How to” delivers solutions for dead-end situations.

TecoReviews is driven by the thought that “knowledge is the key to success” (Fr. Jeff Hester) and the desire to help netizens. Thus, its contribution to the cyber world is becoming more relevant each day.