Here's MIUI 7 Features, Improvements along with other details

Xiaomi has integrated themes more closely straight into MIUI 7, having a set of 4 new system UIs now available whenever you switch on your phone.

Xiaomi brought out the newest version of its MIUI operating system, MIUI 7, in an event today in New Delhi. The new upgrade to its well known Android-based operating system comes with numerous new features made for India. As an element of the UI, Xiaomi includes built-in games and animations particularly from the domain of cricket and Bollywood.

Xiaomi suggests MIUI 7 BETA will be available on Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Mi 3/4/4i, Redmi Note 3G/4G from August 24.

Involving changes in MIUI 7, Gallery at this time supports face recognition. The brand new face recognition in Gallery groups pictures by people. “Check your Gallery and hit the People tab. MIUI 7 has categorized all of the cute faces of your baby and the lovely pictures of your pets. Use your baby’s picture as your home screen. See how cute he/she is every time you unlock your Mi phone,” claims Xiaomi.

Products running MIUI 7 can easily see around 30 % quicker response time when starting system applications, and 10 percent better battery-life in daily usage, claims Xiaomi.
The manufacturer states, the 750-strong R&D crew has optimised MIUI 7 and has filled it with colourful themes so no two phones are alike.

The shift assumes significance since the new UI launches will complete the circle for the Chinese handset-maker to pass through the budget and mid-range smartphone industry in India where it had tremendously grown its user base.

Xiaomi has integrated themes more closely straight into MIUI 7, having a set of 4 new system UIs now available whenever you switch on your phone. People will be capable of picking from Rose, Pink blush, Ocean breeze & High Life.

The all new Xiaomi MIUI 7 comes with a brand new set of icons.

MIUI 7 is considered to provide 10 percent more battery life every day.

You can create beautiful themes using all new theme designer.

MIUI 7 is said to have 30 percent quicker system response time.

MIUI 7 incorporates face recognition technology to easily identify babies and group their images together, thus parents can go back in time to relive every stage of their children’s lives grabbed in pictures. All these photos can also be set as a slideshow on the lock screen.

MIUI7 goes big with XXL Text. All system applications are already reformatted for outstanding readability. It is stated as a complete rework of the UI to make sure larger text is formatted to fit the screen flawlessly.

Xiaomi has partnered with Opera Max to compress browser and in-app media. Powered by Opera Max compression technology, MIUI Data Saver will soon be accessible globally in the forthcoming months, providing data savings across all apps. By sending data for instance videos and images to Opera’s cloud and compressing it prior to returning it to users’ phones, this function can offer as much as 50 % data savings on mobile data connections, says Xiaomi.

Showtime enables MIUI account users set an animated video which will play on their friends’ Mi phones if calling them.

MIUI 7 now comes with child mode it’ll only show apps that’s whitelisted for children.

These are the main improvements and changes comes with all new MIUI 7, there’s lots more to come wait for our MIUI 7 review to get the detailed information.

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I would like to add Xiaomi introduced MIUI on August 16, 2010, with merely 100 users.But now it has crossed 150 million users globally in 156 countries and regions. Incorporating suggestions from fans over the past 5 yrs, Xiaomi claims they have rolled out 250 weekly revisions to date and counting.