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Xvirus Personal Guard

Xvirus Personal Guard is a simple and easy to use protection tool designed to help you keep your computer at bay from the various threats and infections that can attack it from numerous sources.

Free – Xvirus Personal Guard is completely free!
Anti-Malware – Protects your computer from malware in real time!
Light – Xvirus uses low computer resources!
Easy to Use – The simple interface makes Xvirus easy to use!
Compatible – You can run Xvirus and other antivirus software together!

The application is not one of the most impressive looking anti-viruses, but it performs the job quite satisfyingly. Xvirus Personal Guard offers several ‘Protection Shields‘, namely the ‘Files Guard‘, the ‘Behavior Guard‘ and the ‘USB Guard‘, along with a periodically updated database.

You can activate or deactivate each ‘Protection Shield‘ individually, depending on your requirements, simply by pressing the corresponding button: ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’. This way, you can prevent your computer from being infected with viruses, spyware or Trojans from a downloaded files or data you transferred from your portable storage device.

The ‘Scan’ function provides you with three distinct analysis modes: ‘Quick Scan‘, ‘Hyper Scan‘ and ‘Custom Scan‘. Using the ‘Quick Scan‘, you can analyze the files and folders on your PC and press the ‘See threats‘ button, in case any danger is detected, so you can quarantine or delete it.

The ‘Hyper Scan‘ mode can verify the status of your system files in just a few moments, in order to assure you that none of its components have been compromised. Using the ‘Custom Scan’ feature, you can select a specific document or a directory and analyze its contents for potential threats.

The ‘Toolbox‘ section of Xvirus Personal Guard allows you to activate or deactivate the Windows Firewall, view the currently running processes in ‘Task Manager‘ and terminate a specific one. Moreover, the ‘Quarantine‘ feature enables you to view the recently detected infections and lets you manage them however you please, either by restoring or deleting them. Other tools include the ‘Virtual Keyboard‘ and the ‘Restore Point Creator‘.

Xvirus Personal Guard is a handy protection solution, that you can use to keep your computer clean and prevent it from being attacked by outside forces for nefarious purposes.

Test Results

Coming to our Malware Removal test, the product successfully managed to remove 99.8% of the samples, which is more than what Kaspersky Internet Security was able to remove in our test. Xvirus Personal Guard missed 2 of the samples, whereas Kaspersky Internet Security missed 86.

Throughout the review, Xvirus Personal Guard used around 57mb – 67mb of RAM, which is outstanding compared to what other products use. As a quick comparison, Kaspersky Internet Security used around 30mb – 400+ of RAM.

We got in touch with the developer of Xvirus Personal Guard, and we were notified that the product is compatible with all other Antivirus and Internet Security suites, which is good news. We recommend you give the product a shot, you won’t regret your decision!

That’s all for now folks, feel free to leave your comments below on your thoughts!

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Xvirus Personal Guard offers everything you need to protect your system from malware.It is very light on system and it really care about your protection. You can't get much better than this for free. Pro's- Light on system Quick scan USB Protection High Detection Rate Con's- During USB scan it comes with error. Scanner takes little time to load it could be faster. Does not have web protection. sometime it detect legit files as malicious.