Hide my IP review: Privacy Protection guaranteed

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The internet is certainly a place where everyone trying to spy on our browsing habits. Government and Private firms are seeking to gather and track the maximum amount of information as they can through your browsing and internet activities. Not just spying, there are websites that place regional restrictions upon us from viewing their content, some of them are HULU, Netflix, BBC, HBO.To be honest, there are so many websites with country restrictions.Now the question is how can one remove these restrictions?

You can easily remove this restriction by using web based proxy or VPN software.I’m going to review one of the best VPN software I ever used Hide my IP. It is amongst the best tool available to protect your privacy. Hide My IP is a simple yet powerful tool that permit you completely anonymous on the web which means you could surf freely without any fear of viruses, spyware, and tracking.

Hide My IP is a secure proxy and VPN tool, it is available on Windows, Mac, and Android.Unlike other VPN providers Hide my IP provide you 14 days fully featured trial to test the software before you purchase it.You can even use it on your android smartphone for free without any ads though with limited IP’s, you can upgrade your account anytime from as low as $2.95 to use all locations on Hide my IP for Android.

How does Hide My IP works?

Hide my VPN use OpenVPN technology and protect all Internet traffic with 256-bit secure encryption with OpenVPN technology.


Hide my VPN’s installations is quick it takes less than a min to install just Download the setup and follow on-screen instructions.


  • surf the web anonymously with the Hide my IP
  • It allows to download torrents without any restrictions.
  • Unlike other VPN providers you don’t need to pay a monthly fee, Hide-My-IP charges a one-time payment of $29.95. Before purchasing, you have 14 days to try it. If you want more Ip’s a premium subscription also available, for as low as $7 a month or a one-time payment of $84.95. This premium subscription will enable faster speeds for downloading and surfing.
  • Hide my IP supports all web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, and so on.
  • If you are using a premium subscription you can choose your location from more than 80 locations.
  • By hiding your IP, it is also protecting you from bad guys.
  • Using 256-bit secure encryption, Hide-My-IP protects all internet traffic.
  • This software is available in 24 languages on Windows and 70 languages on android.
  • On Windows Edition of Hide-My-IP, you can hide your IP from specific programs you want and this is a unique feature and only available in Hide My IP.

Main UI and quick settings

Hide my IP comes with advanced features such as IP rotation that let you rotate your IP after a specific time by default if you activated this feature it will rotate your IP every 10 mins, it also have the ability to launch on Startup.It can clear browser Cookies every time your IP changes.Hide my IP supports most of the popular Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome.They made UI very simple even a kid might use it easily.

IP Rotation: By using this option you can change your IP automatically after a given time.
Launch on Startup: This option allows Hide my IP to run at startup.
Clear Cookies on IP Change: By using this option you can clear cookies automatically every time IP changed.
Require US based IP: If you want to use only US based IP’s chose this option.

Advanced settings

In the advanced setting tab, you have the option to choose your web browsers.You can also hide your user agent or you can change your user agent, you also have the option to hide referrer header.Not just this you can encrypt your connection with SSL by selecting “Encrypt My connection with SSL”.

Premium settings

If you’re a premium user Hide my IP provides you premium services such as only hiding your IP from a specific program, in this tab you can choose working of this software.You can set hide my IP to work only with web browsers or with all kind of internet applications or you can choose a specific application.

How to hide your IP?

Hiding your IP with Hide my IP is very simple once you installed it open Hide my IP by double-clicking on desktop icon and then click on “Hide My IP”.That’s it enjoy unmatched privacy protection.


You can download the trial version from the program it will allow you test the application for 14 days. After the trial period, you can decide whether you wish to purchase it or not.We highly recommended buying this tool as it will provide you an extra layer of security.


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Hide my IP is one click solution to protect your privacy. There are so many free and paid VPN service providers, providing you same service, but Hide My IP is best for this price point.It has simple and clean UI, It protects you from bad guys with just click of a button.