Game Mods : Do not punish yourselves

You should not punish yourselves by not modding your game.

Often people say that “if a game needs mods, then it is a bad game”, they complain “I can’t spend hours searching for a mod” etc. That’s so false. Let me explain why.

You should not punish yourselves by not modding your game. You pay for the game itself, and the DLCs, and your internet, and perhaps even Nexus’ Premium Membership club. And you deny the “icings” on the cake by not adding the free enhancements Bethesda wants you to add.

Without mods, the Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, Bethesda’s latest name (ESO is not made by Beth, it’s made by Zenimax.)


All look quite nice. Perhaps stretching some old PC’s hardware, but it’s still, nowhere close to the beauties below…

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Gameplay > Graphics. Right? After all, nobody wants to play Crysis 3 on max settings just to see beautiful scenes, but while doing nothing but terribly messed up CoD-style shooting.


Even the cover looks awesome.



I felt one image is worth 1,000 words. I let you decide whether to mod your game or trash it because it’s too buggy, unbalanced, lacking the arcane arts, not enough new lands (Falskaar,  etc.) or any of reasons you dislike Skyrim or Oblivion because. You can even disable the fast travel option. There are mods like Frostfall that will make your journey cold, and harsh.
Well, yes, modding Skyrim or any game to “death” is a mistake. As you can experience crashes (most notably CTDs, infinite loading screens), strange texture problems, audio glitches etc. However, saying Skyrim lacks a good modding support is a folly. There are over 6,000 (yes, thousand) hours added by mods to the game. That includes New Land mods like Wyrmstooth, Falskaar, Shadow of Morrowind, and even Beyond Skyrim. There are INFINITELY satisfying, often it will break your heart when it ends, quest mods like Agents of Righteous Might.

Magic mods? Apocalypse Spells, Forgotten Magic Redone, Balanced Magic,  Spectraverse.

Balancing mods? SkyRe, Requiem, Perkus Maximus, SPERG.

New quest mods? Into the Depths, Moon-and-Star, the Wheels of Lull,  Moonpath to Elsewyr, Helgen Reborn, Undeath, Fight Against the Thalmor (I, II, III, and IV)  etc.

Overhauls? Civil War Overhaul, Dragon Combat Overhaul, Deadly Dragons, Inferno Dragons, the Paarthurnax Dilemma, Tropical Skyrim etc.

Companions? A lots of. Especially female.

I did not even list a fraction of mods available to Skyrim. Check here and you’ll notice there are …. 40 thousand mods.

Of course, you cannot install every single one of them. I myself have 150 mods and I am experiencing near-death CTDs and I almost want to kill myself.  However, that does not mean Skyrim’s, or any other game’s like Fallout 3’s, modding community should be denied.

Do you want to fully rely on companies like Bethesda? Don’t you want to open the world full of joys and unclicheness? Don’t you want to play the same game after eight years (*Ahem*, looking at you, Fallout 3) and still feel new enthusiasm? Modding community is for you. For the beautiful, low price of free.

Of course, there are stability softwares like TES5EDIT, BOSS/LOOT, Wrye Bash etc. that should help you if you are experiencing instability.