Icecream Password Manager Review

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Icecream Password Manager is a free software that helps to secure and manage login details, passwords, banking account and other private data. This password manager allows getting rid of notepads full of passwords and forgetting about time-consuming password reset procedure.  The password manager software encrypts sensitive data with AES-256 encryption[1] and offers to access different accounts with only one master password.

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Password manager pros and cons


  • Free tool;
  • Secures sensitive data with AES-256 encryption;
  • Has vault feature;
  • Creates automatic backups;
  • Easy to use;
  • Has additional useful feature.


  • Browser plugins might fail to recognize websites;
  • Auto fill feature  might not work;
  • Long installation and set up.


  • Convenient user interface;
  • High data protection level;
  • More than 600 users on Google Play Store rated it with six starts.

The main features of the password manager

Icecream Password Manager is more than an electronic notebook where you can keep login details and passwords. This software has other life-changing features, such as managing banking accounts, generating strong passwords, encrypting data, and auto-filling forms on social networks or other websites.

Data encryption

One of the biggest password manager risks is weak data protection.[2] However, this application encrypts data with AES-256 cipher which is used by the United States governmental institutions[3] and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA). Therefore, all the sensitive data is protected with the highest security level.

Master password

Password managing app requires setting the master password to access emails, social networks, bank and other accounts by entering only one password.

Vault auto lock

Users have to create vaults during the installation of the password manager and lock them with a master password to add an extra layer of data security.

Installation of the password manager for Chrome and Firefox

Browser extensions

The password manager has Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers that allow instant access to various passwords. When users have to log in to a website, they just have to click on the plugin’s icon and enter the master password.

Automatic filling-in forms

Password managing app’s extensions have an autofill feature. The software can save information and next time the extension will enter these details automatically. All you have to do is to click on the icon and choose “Identities” option.

Credit card management

This password manager app allows saving different credit card information. Therefore, during online shopping, you can autofill data using browser extensions.

Bonus features

Creating strong passwords

If you use weak or even worse – the same password for several accounts – this password managing app helps to solve this problem and generate unbreakable passwords.

Secure notes

If you need to take a personal or important note that no one can see, you can take advantage of the password manager app’s secure notes feature. Details written there can be accessed with a master password only.

Dropbox sync

If you want to create backups of your data, you can sync them with Dropbox. The biggest advantage is that the program creates encrypted backups. Therefore, password manager data breach[4] is nearly impossible.

Multiple users

Password manager multiple users feature might be useful for business that needs to exchange or access sensitive data with co-workers or partners.

Installation and operation of the Icecream Password Manager

The password managing program is compatible with the majority of Windows OS versions. Users can obtain it for free from the password manager download website[5] and install it as a regular program. Once the password manager for Windows is installed, users are also suggested to install browser plugins. It is recommended to accept this offer in order to simplify the management of your digital life.

During the installation, you will be asked to create a vault and hint for the recovery. The installation won’t be finished until this step will be completed. Therefore, before downloading this password manager tool, you have to think about your master password.

Setting up this tool requires some time and effort. You will have to enter a bunch of personal information. However, the interface is user-friendly, so you should not encounter any uncertainties what and where to enter.

The screenshot of the icecream password manager app

In the left panel, you will see the categories, such as Logins, Credit cards, Bank accounts, etc. Just click on each category and add necessary information. The more data you fill, the more advantages of the password managing program you will be able to explore.

The conclusions of the password manager app review

Compared to similar applications, the Icecream Password Manager is one of the best choices that are currently available. Developers of the password manager prove that they put user’s privacy and security at first by encrypting sensitive data with an unbreakable algorithm. Multiple user feature allows easy information sharing with co-workers and family members. Additional features help to have all personal data in one place and access it anytime. The cherry on top – the password manager, is available for free. Therefore, we recommend giving it a try!

Extra features
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Icecream password manager is a free application that offers the high security of the user's data. Additional features make the app stand out and become an irreplaceable digital notebook and reliable assistant.