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If you have got lost among a pile of notes again, it is high time you thought about a proper application which would assist you in organizing and managing your notes. In this regard, you may come across Evernote. Since 2008, the appearance of the beta version[1], the program has earned million of users’ trust. If you are not familiar with it, you may ask: “what is so special about Evernote?” In short, this software is much more than an ordinary note-taking app. It lets take a note in the form of text, photo, web site extract. You can also attach files to the note and share it with netizens. Take a look at its brief but consistent review summing up all key characteristics of the software.

Features worth Interest

Evernote cooperates with email providers, including Outlook. You can install its add-on which would then save your emails. The utility is fully functional on several devices, whether it is Windows, Mac, Android or iOs.

You can download the utility for free and use its certain functionalities without a free. However, the difference between the paid and free versions is evident. If you manage big size files via Evernote, the free version provides you only 60MB a month.[3] Needless to say, such amount is simply ridiculously low especially if you attach and share video notes or multiple high-resolution images.

Thus, users can choose from Basic, Plus, Premium, and Business. Each of the plans is charged with a different fee. Consequently, data limitations vary as well.

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One of the exceptional features of this application is geo tags. Due to them, you can retrieve the note if you only recall the date and place you made but cannot remember crucial keywords.

Sharing your Evernote notes with Partners and Colleagues

Evernote Integration for Confluence and Work Chat

The Evernote Integration for Confluence especially comes in handy if you need to share your notes with your colleagues, business partners, or friends. Nonetheless, the feature ensures the protection of the files, though users of this privilege can copy the notes, they will not be able to modify the original copies.[4]

The utility also helps you manage stacks of notebooks. Evernote also offers Work Chat which grants you the ability to chat with other users who have access to the notes. Though the design of the application is not stunning, the simple design suggests that the developers concentrate on the quality rather than outlook.

More than Note App

The software provides you different categories. Interestingly, a set of features may differ. App and navigations bars assist you in creating notes and navigating them between the devices. Easy manual only facilitates faster management of your notes.

General overview of Evernote:

  • Fully-functional on Mac and Windows OS
  • Geo-tags helps you find the note by “location”
  • Sharing notes with other people; private access to the originals
  • Access to the notes via different devices
  • Easy manual

The picture illustrating popular Evernote plans

The negative aspects of Evernote

The value and importance of the application are certainly indisputable, however, there are several nuances which might diminish the quality of using this app. The application is quite costly – Premium users will have to pay 69.99 USD per year for the application.

According to the latest news, the company has decided to cease the support for Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.[5] Unfortunately, it is a major downside as well.

Final verdict: is Evernote Worth the Pay?

Exceptional features
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In contrast to other similar applications on the market, the application offers few exceptional features. Though its yearly price has significantly rocketed, if taking notes with attachments and sharing with your colleagues is useful, then Evernote will not certainly disappoint you.