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Apple iPhone 6S: All You Need To Know

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6S is going to be officially introduced on September 9 in San Francisco. The much-awaited smartphone of this yr will likely be packed with brand new features which include 3D Force Touch in addition to the improved grip. Here are the selected top features this smartphone, according to rumour mills:


The primary camera in the smartphone will at last come with an upgraded megapixels quality. The iPhone 6S will have 12MP camera designed to support 4K video recording while the front camera will have a 5 megapixel camera for better selfies.

Along with A9 chip system, this new camera will make sure that smartphone is giving finest quality of the pictures. The Face Time camera will support slow-motion video in 720P quality aside from the panorama shots.


Let’s talk about the one of the most important highlights of the iPhone that is its display quality. It will likewise be included in the iPad Pro. On the other hand, the display size will be continued to be same and likely to be either 5.5-inch or 4.7-inch in the new iPhone 6S.

3D Touch Display

With a different name of “3D Touch Display”, an option of Force Touch is going to be loaded in the new iPhone 6S. There is also a reason for the unique name—the process of the force touch involves 3 levels of pressure—tap, press and a deeper press. When it was previously demonstrated during the launch of Apple Watch, the force touch technology will be the next-gen version of the tech-giant.

Faster LTE, Processor and RAM

Prefer to download more applications? Apple is not going to disappoint you this occassion. The iPhone 6S will finally have a 2GB RAM. With an enhanced Qualcomm-made LTE chip, the iPhone 6S will provide smoothest and faster LTE speed.


The latest iPhone 6S will be available in rose gold colour.


To avoid any type of Bendgate issue in future, Apple will use a new kind of aluminium.

iPad Pro, Apple TV and more excitement

It isn’t just about the Apple iPhone. The firm may also launch of a couple of more products. It includes Apple TV and an iPad Pro.