Top 10 Trending 4k LED TVs for 2017

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Choosing a reliable hardware for you in the market having tons of options may be difficult. And if you are spending a big amount then it becomes necessary for you to pick a worthy device. Here I have listed Top 10 Trending 4k LED TVs for 2017 for those who are looking to bring bigger screen with latest picture quality. Choose wisely and you will get numerous latest features with ease of accessing interface, fabulous looking and pleasant sounding system.

Trending 4k LED TVs of 2017

Sitting on your sofa and watching favorite TV shows and movies on bigger screen definitely will be an amazing experience. LED TV having 4K and HD video quality is upgrading the way of watching TV providing brighter, crisper and more vibrant visual than ever before.

If your TV is not upgradable and it’s quite not satisfying for you, then you should think to replace it. Even the TV set is upgradable it will not match the latest innovations. Latest LED TVs has built in WiFi that had made watching Netflix, Amazon, and BBC easier.

Wireless connection has made video streaming easier without fussing about the creepy wires and external video streaming sets. Tired of watching your favorite TV shows on small screen and standard picture quality then bring these 4K LED TVs listed below from top UK brands[1] and encounter experience you have never before.

LG-43UH603V Ultra-HD-4K Smart TV

LG-43UH603V Ultra-HD-4K Smart TV on Amazon.co.uk

Stream 4K videos form LG Ultra-Smart TV and meet a brand new experience of watching TV. Users will be amazed with its extraordinary features. Enjoy your TV shows and movies on a bigger screen with the extraordinary 4K quality.

Elegantly designed this smart TV has two sturdy pole stands that lift the TV and deliver secure placement. Sleek body, elegant finish with the pole stands makes it ideal for any room and interior.

LG Ultra-Smart TV have internet accessing feature allow users to explore videos that they can’t find on their external streaming box. Loaded with extraordinary video streaming features this smart TV also produces pleasant sound. Latest hardware for audio is brilliant enough to catch every note of the music.

Hisense-65K5510 Ultra-HD-4K Smart TV

Here is the larger view comes with, the larger screen size of 65 inch 4K TV. With the resolution of four times of 1080p, full HD users will experience the picture quality more lifelike. 3 USB ports and 4 HDMI sockets make connection with other compatible devices easier.

Hisense-65K5510 Ultra-HD-4K Smart TV on Argos

Users can watch a movie from their extra video streaming sources or can connect it with Wi-Fi and access YouTube, Twitter, Netflix and much more. This TV set is built with step further latest technology to provide a range of colors, darker blacks and brighter whites and stunning contrast.

Bigger screen size is not enough that’s why this device provides higher resolution of 3840 x 2160p quality pictures. Hisense Ultra-HD-4K Smart TV is suitable for mounting in wall and having excellent Dolby digital+ sound system for delivering pleasant sound. From internet accessing to sleep timer and from parental control to brilliant sound system, this device is built excellently to perform excellence.

Samsung-UE43KU6670 4K Smart TV

Samsung-UE43KU6670 4K Smart TV on PC World

Samsung brings here a smart TV with 4K picture quality and curved screen. Streaming videos online with the preinstalled apps will be a great fun. If you have kids in your family then device will be favorite piece of electronic set for them.

You can play video games with the console quality without having external consoles, and this will be possible because of PlayStation. This Samsung 4K Smart TV provides excellent picture quality with sharper picture and higher level brightness. This Samsung TV is built with UHD up-scaling technology that converts movies, gaming and live TV to the highest possible resolution.

With the best picture quality, these devices additionally have the curved feature that makes the video streaming more fabulous. Samsung 4K Smart TV has full internet browsing feature thus you can stream videos from Netflix and Amazon. The built in quad core processor had made browsing fast and easy.

Philips 4K Smart TV

Philips 4K Smart TV on appliancesdirect

Philips 4K Smart TV delivers vibrant and live picture quality because of the premium color technology. The built in Ambilight delivers immersive and stunning viewing experience. Loaded with the quad core processor and Android, playing games, launching apps and watching videos on this smart TV is easier than ever.

The built in quad core processor enables users to access online games, Google Play, play videos and launch apps in an intuitive, super fast and fun way. Users can access cloud gaming also that offers a vast platform for high-quality latest games for all taste and ages.

Goodmans 4K Smart TV

If you don’t want to buy a curved TV, then you must go with the standard 4K smart TVs, but watch videos in a curved TV with the extraordinary picture quality will be an amazing experience. Browsing through a smart TV has become easier with this smart device.

Goodmans 4K Smart TV on ACE

Watch TV catching up the latest and favorite’s videos from the online services like ITV player, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. This energy efficient device provides secure browsing, and thus you can connect with your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram instantly on a bigger screen.

Connect it with the compatible devices to explore this TV or record your favorite shows and movies via USB recording and watch them again or later. Having enough no of USB and HDMI connecting points made the connection via external streaming devices easier.

LG-49UJ750V 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

LG-49UJ750V 4K Ultra HD Smart TV on Electrical Discount UK

This LG TV is built with the latest innovative IPS technology that means you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies from any angle without any distortion. The advance technology formatting feature enables you to make your smart TV extraordinary from ordinary.
Ultra Luminance feature brings the darker blacks and brighter whites that make the video life like. This device is an award winning Smart TV with Freeview play feature. Thus streaming videos has become easier from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon and more.

Sony-KD65XD7505BU 4K Smart TV

Sony-KD65XD7505BU 4K Smart TV on Ebay

Sony 4K Smart TV is listed here, which is incredible with its features. This smart TV is an energy efficient device with ‘A’ energy rating. Thus, entertainment will not cost much and will not become the burden. Nowadays picture quality of a TV has become the most important feature that makes it perfect for their customer community.

This 4K smart TV is built to fulfill user’s desire of a perfect smart TV set. Not only this TV has extraordinary graphical features but it has also quality latest components built in for audio output. This Sony 4K Smart TV’s screen is built with brilliant 3840 x 2160p resolution to delivers live, vibrant and vivid picture quality.


LG-OLED55B6V 4K TV on PC World

4K HDR display quality is enough for delivering stunning visuals. Perfect black, brighter white and life like colors create details in the picture quality. Loaded with extraordinary graphics technology this smart TV can produce 4 times the quality of full HD. This amazing feature makes capable TV to deliver visual output with extraordinary quality and vivid details.

HDR enhances contrast and colors, creating the visual output more potential. This also ensures that users can get the best quality from their 4K content. LG OLED 4K TV is loaded with the wider range of preinstalled apps and a full web browser to explore.

Connect this TV with the other compatible devices via HDMI cables and encounter brand new experience of watching TV. It can be connected with other external streaming devices, and the high data transferring speed makes sharing ultra fast.

Samsung-UE40MU6100KXXU 4K TV

Samsung-UE40MU6100KXXU 4K TV

Bring Samsung 4K TV and bring happiness to your home. 4K LED TVs are built to perform excellently, and thus this Samsung 4K TV passes all the criteria of a smart 4K TV. Users can access to trending apps instantly from one place. They can stream their favorite shows via Netflix and can watch their programs on ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer they have missed earlier.

Built with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, this device provides more options to connect with external HD streaming devices. You can connect easily to external streaming devices through HDMI ports and can play your store files including photos, music, and videos on the bigger screen for all to entertain.

Panasonic DX700

Panasonic DX700 on Idealo

This model of Panasonic 4K TV has HD panel with the resolution of 3840 x 2160p. Powered with quadruple full-HD quality with internal video processing feature, this Panasonic TV brings you a brilliant color palette reproduction, detailed images, and deep contrast levels.

To audio and video features this Panasonic TV has 50Hz of refresh rate ensuring fast and remove moving visuals without blur. The built in integrated 2.0 stereo speaker system enhances the quality of video output and always delivers pleasant sound.


Smart gadgets are becoming smarter these days and LED TVs are also manufactured with the latest technology involved. Here I have listed Top 10 Trending 4k LED TVs for 2017 and all of them are best with their amazing features. The purpose of a TV set has changed in this modern era, and only streaming videos form compatible devices not sufficient nowadays.Smart gadgets are becoming smarter these days and LED TVs are also manufactured with the latest technology involved. Here I have listed Top 10 Trending 4k LED TVs for 2017 and all of them are best with their amazing features. The purpose of a TV set has changed in this modern era, and only streaming videos form compatible devices not sufficient nowadays.

Having nice picture quality is not enough; these gadgets should have many additional features. Thus, manufactures have added many extra features like full web browsing, motion sensors, curved feature and much more. The best part of these devices is they are upgradable and can match with the latest features if upgraded.