Trustpilot.com Review

The investigation conducted by the Guardian Money section researchers revealed that the majority of reviews are fake crafted by Indian, Bangladeshi, and Indonesia IT experts.

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Trustpilot.com is available as the website providing you with supposedly objective users’ reviews on different goods, services, and other websites. Alternatively, the domain also cooperates with international companies by giving them valuable users/reviewers’ feedback.

Trustpilot Review

Trustpilot.com screenshot of main page

How Trustpilot.com started

Peter Mühlmann nurtured idea about helping consumers and users make a right choice before purchasing a product. Thus, the idea of trsupilot.com web page was born. According to the description[1], the community has been steadily growing uniting people from all over the world.

Truspilot.com offices

TrustPilot now has offices in New York, London, Melbourne, Berlin, and Denver. It has over 500 employees representing 50 different ethnicities. The website is meant to give objective insights, though it earns profit from companies which seek positive advertising of their services.[2]

Additional languages

Besides the main website, you can also access Trustpilot Blog. It covers a wide range of topics related to IT. If you are not a native English speaker, you can also choose a language from 24 options.

Trustpilot.com is divided into four sections

  • About. It briefly introduces the domain and its goals.
  • Community section elaborates on the principles leading the website forward.
  • Businesses. It is by far the largest section elaborating on business plans for enterprises. At the moment, companies can choose from four options: free, lite, pro, and enterprise
  • Language options let you surf the website in your mother tongue.
Screenshot of Trustpilot.com

Screenshot of Trustpilot.com

The purpose of the website is indeed praiseworthy, but the rating and multiple negative reviews of the website reveal the dark side of the domain.

How Trustpilot.com lost it’s reputability

Peculiarities of reality often justify this old saying as some of the businesses are concentrated on maximizing profit at any cost. Thus, the objectiveness of Trustpilot.com reviews comes into question. Multiple netizens have expressed their discontent that the administrators of the domain force them to change their “improper” reviews or delete them completely.[3]

Note that the websites, which indeed can grant you what consumers seek – unbiased opinion – often happen to be small non-profit sites.

The fact that the site operates in multiple biggest world capitals suggest that the company possesses valuable assets and sufficient capital. Thus, simply writing objective reviews is unlikely to be a profitable business.

Investigations of Trustpilot.com

The investigation conducted by the Guardian Money section researchers revealed that the majority of reviews are fake crafted by Indian, Bangladeshi, and Indonesia IT experts.[4] The fact that the company, which tries to leave the impression of a high-class company, hires people from developing countries for a ridiculously low wage, reveals the true face of the company. Likewise, it would not be surprising that the web page would be employing bots to boost the number of reviews.

Issues that were found on Trustpilot.com

In addition, users have pointed out that the log-in page contains bugs which trouble log-in and sign-in processes. The high number[5] of negative comments surely raises the question whether the website succeeds in living up its principles.

Trustpilot.com concluding remarks

There is still a chance that you may run into a commentary written by an independent user in the myriad of hundreds of counterfeited articles. The fact that not only “users” continue throwing their daggers of critique but such big media giant as the Guardian decided to conduct research on the company suggest that deep waters are running in this company.


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Luckily, the truth has prevailed. In overall, the website earns 2.5 stars out of 5. I dedicate them to that small number of reviewers who try to make their way through the bundle of disinformation.